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Lilian Tahmasian

Growing up idealising over her mum, a dress designer, this beauty knew from a young age her future would be in the fashion industry. She dreamed of entertaining audiences, through singing, dancing or acting. Now here she is with 83,869 YouTube subscribers, almost 7.5 million YouTube Views and 16.7k Instagram followers, her bubbly and bright personality is now in the lime light for all to see. Who am I talking about? The one and only Lilian Tahmasian.    Once she turned 18, Lilian began writing a lot. So off she went to uni to get her Bachelors in Journalism and Marketing. Soon after, she completed her Masters in Media. I can see now why she is very successful in her social media quest. Now,...

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Beauty by Asha

“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.” - David Bowie  Asha. An Australian Beauty and Fashion YouTuber. From a 17 year old girl not taking beauty blogging too seriously to now having 124,488 subscribers and 6,821,207 views on YouTube, she is an amazing, kind hearted beauty that the world are looking up to. These figures are only rising, and rapidly.   When Asha wasn't spending hours and hours watching reviews and tutorials throughout her childhood, she was idealising her mum. She has been an inspiration to her as she has a lot of creative qualities. Her mum was a model growing up and now works as a fashion photographer and social media manager for a fashion label. Asha gets...

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Koleen Diaz

With 367k Instagram followers, 771k YouTube subscribers and a massive 35 MILLION YouTube views, this beauty has become a successful icon in the beauty industry. Who am I talking about...? Koleen Diaz, otherwise known as Leeny. Let it Be Beauty has been grateful by given the opportunity of a lifetime to have some personal questions answered!  At only fourteen years of age, Koleen began her journey to fame by joining YouTube to publish stop motion music videos of different songs. This was only for fun until she decided to branch out and start her own beauty and fashion channel.  Growing up wanting to be a singer or model, her goal was obviously thrown out the window considering her tiny stature of 5'2....

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Sylvia Gani

With nearly 1.1m "S-Club" YouTube subscribers and 302k Instagram followers, Sylvia Gani is in the spotlight for all the right reasons. This creative-minded, beauty lover and fashion enthusiast gave Let it Be Beauty some time from her busy schedule to answer a couple of questions. Yes, you may all be thinking - Sylvia's life is all over social media anyway - but below is the behind the scenes to what is in the lime light. Growing up, Sylvia dreamed to become a famous super model. Laughing at this today due to her 5'5" height, she got part of this right - famous. Starting out as just a hobby when she was still a full-time Criminology student at University, she is now proud to say that...

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More Than Adored

A one stop destination for daily doses of beauty, fashion and lifestyle articles. Let it Be Beauty was delighted to interview Sarah, the founder and editor-in-chief of More Than Adored, a much-loved personal blog that is more like a mini-magazine. Sarah was nineteen when she had started a teaching degree at university and decided that it wasn't really for her. She created a blog as a creative outlet when it quickly evolved and a passion formed. "The most beautiful thing about blogging is everyone is just sharing their own thoughts, opinions and experiences without the worry of sounding perfectly put together". This nutitrion-lover, will one day pursue dietetics, but for now continues to blog part time and continue to work...

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