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With nearly 1.1m "S-Club" YouTube subscribers and 302k Instagram followers, Sylvia Gani is in the spotlight for all the right reasons. This creative-minded, beauty lover and fashion enthusiast gave Let it Be Beauty some time from her busy schedule to answer a couple of questions. Yes, you may all be thinking - Sylvia's life is all over social media anyway - but below is the behind the scenes to what is in the lime light.

Growing up, Sylvia dreamed to become a famous super model. Laughing at this today due to her 5'5" height, she got part of this right - famous. Starting out as just a hobby when she was still a full-time Criminology student at University, she is now proud to say that this lifestyle is now her full-time job that she can support herself doing exactly what she loves everyday. Jealous! 

So how did she become one of the latest beauty inspirations in the world? Sylvia had always been into beauty and fashion. Ever since she can remember, she watched her favourite beauty vloggers online, followed all the trendiest blogs, and read all beauty related magazines. Her inspiration and motivation came from these media outlets. But it wasn't until 2014, her second year of university, that she got enough courage to create her own blog, YouTube channel, Instagram and put herself out there. The biggest challenge with this, that she still experiences today, is learning how to ignore the negative and hateful comments. No matter how much positivity, support and love she gets from her S-Club, there will always be someone with something nasty to say. Sylvia, you need to remember people get jealous when they see someone else succeeding. Don't worry about other people and their miseries.

Whilst obsessing over Tyra Banks, Sylvia was mainly self-taught. At the age of 12, she began modelling classes and learnt the basics about topics such as skin care and eyebrows. This fuelled her passion, which lead to her constant practicing skills on herself and her friends. After gaining all the information she could about makeup artistry, Sylvia worked at MAC for a couple of years to further develop her skills and her confidence. When she felt comfortable enough, she began freelance work for weddings, proms and birthdays. 

One of my favourite questions when interviewing beauty bloggers is to find out what their go-to beauty brand and go-to beauty product is. As they are beauty enthusiasts and are constantly trying new and improved products, they would be the best person to provide assistance for all those girls wanting to improve their beauty regime. Sylvia was adamant that setting spray was a must for everyones beauty collection. In terms of go-to beauty brands - it is too hard to decide. Sylvia's job is to test out different products from different brands, and with each brand having products that she loves and products that she can live without, it is too difficult to decide on a favourite. When she is sent a product that she doesn't like then she is honest. With such a large following, being genuine is important to keeping the followers trust. Although no favourite brands, just remember - setting spray! 

This beauty will be improving in the upcoming years by staying on top of new beauty trends and products. Sylvia posts on a weekly basis so don't miss out on her new content! With gaining such a large following in short period of time, Sylvia's S-Club means everything to her now and is very blessed to have the most incredible support from around the world. Everyone should subscribe to her YouTube channel and follow her on Instagram. From things such as makeup tutorials, DIYs and personal rants, you won't be disappointed! 

To Sylvia, thank you for taking time away from editing videos, writing a blog post, lurking Instagram or watching Netflix. Keep on doing what you love and the success will follow. 

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  • Madison Sparks

    I think this is the most sweetest thing I’ve ever seen on the internet I’m a huge fan of Sylvia she is my favorite YouTuber the best of the best love this -Madison

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