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A one stop destination for daily doses of beauty, fashion and lifestyle articles. Let it Be Beauty was delighted to interview Sarah, the founder and editor-in-chief of More Than Adored, a much-loved personal blog that is more like a mini-magazine.

Sarah was nineteen when she had started a teaching degree at university and decided that it wasn't really for her. She created a blog as a creative outlet when it quickly evolved and a passion formed. "The most beautiful thing about blogging is everyone is just sharing their own thoughts, opinions and experiences without the worry of sounding perfectly put together".

This nutitrion-lover, will one day pursue dietetics, but for now continues to blog part time and continue to work as a retail manager. 

For someone that is in the beauty industry, what would you think her go-to beauty brand and product is? Her constant trialling of new products means there is no one brand or product. However, her favourite brands include Laura Mercier, Shanghai Suzy, Maybelline, Jurlique, Skinstitut and Dermalogica. Changing up the routine is the way to go.

What is Sarah's advice for someone wanting to become a beauty blogger? "Do it for the right reasons and not to get free s**t. If youre passionate and photography and writing then cool go for it! Its a tough gig so be prepared for a hard road and dont compare yourself to more established bloggers." Her strength comes from her role model, her mum, a "bad-ass bitch" that has been through so much.

Keep an eye on this amazing blog ladies, More Than Adored will continue to differ from the beauty blogging industry and create more interactive content. 


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