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With 367k Instagram followers, 771k YouTube subscribers and a massive 35 MILLION YouTube views, this beauty has become a successful icon in the beauty industry. Who am I talking about...? Koleen Diaz, otherwise known as Leeny. Let it Be Beauty has been grateful by given the opportunity of a lifetime to have some personal questions answered! 

At only fourteen years of age, Koleen began her journey to fame by joining YouTube to publish stop motion music videos of different songs. This was only for fun until she decided to branch out and start her own beauty and fashion channel. 

Growing up wanting to be a singer or model, her goal was obviously thrown out the window considering her tiny stature of 5'2. Leeny was inspired by Rihanna. She loved Rihanna's style as it is so unique and different from her own. Koleen is always trying to branch out when it comes to fashion as she loves the idea of putting together outfits from different pieces that wouldn't usually go together. 

Again, I asked the question of their go-to beauty brand and go-to beauty product. I have to agree with Koleen here - her favourite brand is Too Faced. With the product being a lipgloss called "Let's Flamingly". Although she gets a lot of beauty products sent to her, her love for Too Faced is genuine. If she doesn't like products received from sponsors, she usually gives them to her friends if they want them. Leeny never introduces products to her viewers if she doesn't personally like them. This is why she has succeeded within such a short period of time, her viewers can see that she loves everything she shares. 

Koleen learnt everything she knows today from the magic of YouTube. Everyone I speak to always has learnt all their tricks from watching video after video to expand their skills. If you are reading this and thinking 'hmm... I could become a beauty blogger', well beware. Leeny gives solid advice of "Be sure you 100% enjoy making beauty videos, and that you're not forcing yourself to be a beauty blogger just for the benefits of it. Your channel will grow a lot faster if your viewers see that you truly love the content you create. also, don't be afraid to show your personality through your videos, your viewers will appreciate that a lot!". Who knows, one day you could be a beauty icon just like Leeny. You too could be getting messages from supporters telling you that your fashion sense has inspired others. 

If she isn't napping, at University or working on her upcoming clothing line, she will be online and posting amazing content. If you want to keep up with the latest beauty content with someone that can stay true to their personality, you should definitely check out Koleen's YouTube channel and Instagram page. You will find Leeny's different makeup looks, everyday makeup routines, makeup tutorials, lookbooks, OOTDs, OOTWs and a ton of back to school videos and content. 

Thank you Leeny for the time you have given Let it Be Beauty. Stay true to yourself, your followers will thank you for it. 



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