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From a Dr Harry wannabe in Rural Tasmania, Emily Crawford of Why Hello Beauty is now being adored by almost 18k Instagram followers, with more on other social media channels. 

Let it Be Beauty was lucky enough to get a moment of this coffee and lip balm addict's time to discuss being one of Australia's loved beauty bloggers. 

This 28-year-old gave us an insight into her daily life of being a beauty addict and blogging for the world to see. She grew up wanting to be a journalist or a vet, but realised that becoming a vet meant putting animals down, so went down the path of being a writer. By day Emily works in an administration and finance department at a disability employment service, by night Emily works tirelessly on her blog content for her much loved followers. 

For someone that has a beauty obsession, what would you think her go-to beauty brand and product is? Well...I would assume this would give readers an insight into the best cosmetics on the market. However, her obsession is true. Emily loves over 100 brands. If she HAD to choose one brand, it would be MOR Modern Apocathery and thinks their soaps, lip balms and candles are "just so lush <3".  

If you too grew up reading Dolly, Girlfriend, Cosmo, Cleo, and kept a keen interest in all things beauty through YouTube and Google, you too could become a beauty blogger. What advice does Emily have for you? "JUST DO IT! What’s the worst that can happen, you enjoy creating and sharing beautiful content and others enjoy it? Go for it :)". Claiming not to be a professional photographer, her major struggle is creating the images she can see in her head. So for those thinking they want to be a beauty blogger, Emily has great advice for you all...Natural light is always the best for images, try to avoid artificial light and taking images in the evening, they just never look as fresh or pro!

Keep an eye on her blog ladies, Why Hello Beauty will continue to create fresh content.

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