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“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.” - David Bowie 

Asha. An Australian Beauty and Fashion YouTuber. From a 17 year old girl not taking beauty blogging too seriously to now having 124,488 subscribers and 6,821,207 views on YouTube, she is an amazing, kind hearted beauty that the world are looking up to. These figures are only rising, and rapidly.  

When Asha wasn't spending hours and hours watching reviews and tutorials throughout her childhood, she was idealising her mum. She has been an inspiration to her as she has a lot of creative qualities. Her mum was a model growing up and now works as a fashion photographer and social media manager for a fashion label. Asha gets her input with everything she does. I too have a close relationship with my mum, so I can see exactly where Asha is coming from with her inspiration. Where would we be without our mums?

Asha grew up seeing herself working in fashion, and she was right. Apart from her beauty blogging, she works her dream job in marketing for an online global fashion retailer. This is one of her achievements she is extremely proud about. However, her greatest achievement to date would be winning the Maybelline Top blogger competition a few years ago. It would have been an incredible experience, one she should be extremely proud of. 

Video blogging for Asha is a side job, but has always seen it as only a hobby. Back in 2012 when she started, she wasn't really aware that you could turn blogging into a job. She has become one of the lucky ones, a massive bonus! In her free time, when she isn't creating content or catching up on the latest YouTube trends, she will be found at the beach or at a music festival. In 2016 alone, she attended seven or eight. She loves being in the moment and enjoying the amazing experience. Jealous! 

Quick everyone, time to go and buy Asha's go-to brand and products! But what are they? Her love is strong for Benefit, as she thinks the brand is super fun and their products are of great quality. Their eyebrow and cheek products are some of her cult favourites! Her favourite go-to beauty product would be mascara. Blessed with long eyelashes, Asha says this product is a must for her! 

With a really saturated market, it can be really hard to stand out of the beauty blogging pack, unless you have a point of difference. For Asha, she has been lucky. If you want insight on fashion and beauty routines, hacks and DIYs, become one of Asha's YouTube subscribers, Instagram or Twitter followers today! You will be pleasantly surprised to see more posts and more lifestyle content, as well as more about Asha on a personal level. You will not be disappointed. 

Asha, thank you for taking the time to answer Let it Be Beauty's questions. I feel like I know you personally and have loved every minute. You are such an inspiration to the Australian Beauty industry and I can't wait to see how far you succeed. 

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